Sunday, January 23

3 Easy Ways to Gain More RSS Subscribers

There's nothing so glorious as repeat traffic to your blog or website, and you can employ a different kind of marketing to increase your RSS subscribers. If you want more RSS subscribers, then this article is exactly for you because in it we're going to talk about several ways you can do that.

It will be better, overall, if you use the full feed for your subscriptions. Site owners report that a full RSS feed is a better offering than anything else like a partial feed. People can quickly scan all of your feed, and they probably like having the option, or control, over what content they want to read. You'll be able to capture a wide audience because subscribers can read just a clip and make a decision, and those who prefer to scan an entire post/article can do that, too. Cast the widest net possible by including the choice to subscribe via email. We recommend the email option because more people prefer email format than RSS feed format.

Apparently many people like email more than feed readers, and that is understandable if only from a technical standpoint. Everyone online is familiar with email and totally comfortable with using it. And for you, if you're wondering how you'll do this - Feedburner or Feedblitz are popular services. Individuals are going to subscribe to your RSS feed because they always want to know when you repost. This means you need to post quality content, but you also need to post that quality content more often. Posting on a daily basis will make it so that your subscribers always feel like they're getting true value. This is also how you can increase your readership by forming regular readers. They won't want to miss even a single post you make. You will find that this is going to take time, especially if you're brand new, but you will get there eventually if you post often enough. When you post consistently, don't automatically think you're giving up quality. You are just giving your audience more value more frequently. That means you should still make sure you are producing the best quality even though you are posting more often. Employing proven Search Engine Ranking tactics can assist people to positively rank for nearly anything, wide search terms like halloween or more specific items like buy cheap soccer cleats.

You'll have the best results with your site and marketing if you ensure quality and unique content goes on your site. Other websites and blogs will be identical to yours in terms of content if you use PLR content on your site. It's always hard to say for sure, but if your readers have seen your content elsewhere they'll most likely ignore your site. It's just that unique content is the best, if it's done well, and a feed with unique content is more valuable than a feed with PLR content.

It's interesting that RSS subscribers and email subscribers do have some overlap regarding marketing strategies. This is the kind of thing that is easy to do and doesn't cost anything except a little time.


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