Saturday, January 22

Tricks for Buying Promotional USB Flash Drives

The phenomenal growth in the use of USB flash drives by the companies, schools, universities plus the promotional sector continues unabated. Perhaps this should take place as no surprise the fact that just how good branded USB flash drives appearance and how popular they may be with the recipients. That you can pre-load these people with sales material, presentation files, media files, hit releases etc. means that it is possible to offset the cost of buying them against the savings made in not printing or transporting numerous printed collateral around.

Our Top tricks for buying USB flash drives printed in your logo on are:

1. Think carefully about which style of USB flash drive is right for your company and more importantly your logo. You'll find hundreds if not thousands of different designs of USB flash drives on the market, most are manufactured from plastic but in addition there are USB drives available made of leather, metal, cardboard as well as wood. The most popular advertising USB flash drive will be "Twister" because its fairly small, it has no cap reduce and it comes in many colours and it seems great printed.
Just because the majority are buying the "Twister" don't just accept this as the de facto option on your company. Think about who you might give them to. By way of example Leather USB flash drives go lower well with high net worth clients due to their perceived value, metal flash drives are a tad bit more rugged/robust so might end up being better suited for scholars and USB wristbands are great for your youth market.
2. Choose the right memory capacity: Many individuals just buy the cheapest memory sticks they can find, which invariably means the lowest capacity flash drive together with say 64MB or 128MB regarding memory. The problem with this is that there exists a balance between choosing flash memory capacity dependant on your budget versus a larger level of memory which makes the flash drive more appealing on the recipient.
If on the list of reasons for buying the flash drives would be to get brand exposure and/or devotion from repeated usage you'll fail in this objective in the event you give away flash drives with almost no storage on them Sometimes it is exacerbated if you pre-load and "lock" your individual company data onto the flash drives and in doing so use up a large proportion from the available storage space. Its all about balance - there is not any point paying for memory that you don't need for your own data and you want people to make use of the flash drives and enhance your product or corporation effectively. A good size to prefer is a 1GB or maybe 2GB.
3. Accessories: Keyrings, carabineers and lanyards is a great option to "add value" towards your printed USB flash drives by causing it more them easier to place. Lanyards or carabineers may also be printed up to delay your brand exposure and if ordered simultaneously as your flash shots off the tee will only add pennies into the unit cost.

4. Packaging: The particular default option with countless suppliers of branded USB flash drives would be to supply the printed motoring in bulk (in trays or even polythene bags). Some have "free" or discounted options for other gift box and quite a few will offer a quality range of boxes like tin presentation boxes or even frosted plastic boxes by using magnetic clasps.
HWe support the development of innovative and unique design products and custom usb flash drives in any shape, size, color and capacity.


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