Saturday, January 22

Turn a profit Utilizing Proved Alternatives To Adsense

If you've ever used Adsense, you're probably aware that Google has gotten very strict in its policies. You can get banned for the slightest mistake, no matter how innocently it was committed. Even worse, some people's Adsense accounts have been banned for no apparent reason at all. As a result, many website owners are looking for alternatives to Adsense to monetize their sites. If that describes you, then you are in luck because there is really quite a lot out there that will work just fine for you. The following alternatives to Adsense are only three of the possibilities you may want to consider.

Bidvertiser is one Adsense alternative that many people like. Quite a few website owners like the many options offered by this advertising platform. You have the option, for instance, of designing ads to your own specifications. In short, you get to be the ad designer, and you can set up your text ads however you please. It might be a good idea, though, to be a little cautious here.

Whether you like the style of Adsense ads or not, they have become extremely familiar to everybody. Whenever you try something that's unfamiliar, there's a danger that it will be ignored. There's no simple answer, you have to test your own ads and see what works. .

Clicksor is very popular with many smaller publishers due to their uncommonly high payouts which are around 85% at the time of this writing.

This is making it a popular choice for many people. Their associated CPC numbers are such that you can actually realize a respectable income from them. By comparison, Adsense has been quite sluggish for most users in recent years. Another good feature of Clicksor is that it's generally not too strict with the people and companies who patronize it. Their habits might, of course, change at some point, but at least for now, most people's experiences with them have been positive.

ContextAd is another very interesting alternative to Adsense that has an interesting model and approach. All they do is find good advertises for your physical business inventory. ContextAd has its own software program that will find a best fit match between your inventory and a good advertiser - what a concept this is. What they can also do is use keywords/categories for the best fit matches with the criteria. We feel this is highly unique and interesting idea for bringing together the needs of inventory businesses and advertises.

Even if you are still with Google Adsense, it is smart to become involved with other sources of ad revenue. The three we have discussed in this article are hardly a drop in the bucket of what is available to you. You're always better off when you're not dependent on one company, and Google has reminded people of this. Maybe you've even been a victim of Google's seemingly arbitrary policies. Discover more on marketing


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