Monday, January 24

Use This Effective SEO Tips to Get the Most of Your Facebook Fan Page

If you want to get a lot of exposure for your brand, you would be smart to use Facebook due to just how many people are on Facebook these days. You can get fans and traffic to your Facebook fan page using various techniques, but you should really be focused on the one true way to get where you want to be. To get lots of free traffic to your page, all you have to do is optimize your Facebook fan page for the search engines. The thing is, most people don't know how or they don't care about optimizing their pages for the search engines, so this will give you a huge advantage over all those other pages. If you use the following three tips for optimizing your Facebook fan page, you'll get more traffic and fans in no time.

One very basic tip is to give your Facebook fan page as many inbound links as you can because they will help your page get a better ranking in the search engines. So, it stands to reason that the same thing is true for the page you create: the more inbound links exist to the fan page, the more likely it is that you will get a strong page rank. Using "find us on Facebook" badges is a great way to get inbound links. Fan Box widgets also include links to your page so using them is another good strategy. For anyone who is a tad puzzled, put on some high power readings glasses and browse the idea yet again. Post real links in your fan page's live stream. Use your status updates to post links to your website and any other site that is related and that can help build your link score. It can also help Google to boost and raise the popularity of your fan page. Keep in mind that if you go overboard in your efforts it will set off the spam alarms. Remember that, in addition to impressing the search engine spiders, your goal should be to provide good and high quality content.

Entice your audience to follow your fan page. Make a point of offering something of value to your audience in order to get them to follow your fan page. Doing this will increase your search engine traffic as well as your followers. If you really want more people to recognize your brand, this is an excellent method of positive exposure.

The conclusion is that there are many benefits to optimizing your Facebook fan page including the fact that you can use SEO to generate the best results from your page. You should never overlook a chance to send more traffic to your site because the more people who see it the more exposure you will garner. It is important that you remember to treat your fans well as they are just like your email subscribers.


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