Wednesday, February 9

How To Get A 8 Pack FAST

No matter who you are you will have wondered how to get a 8 pack for the simple reason that they are awesome. In this article we will show you how to separate yourself from 99% of people and get a 8 pack!

The 8 pack is super cool because it means you have a very low percentage of body fat. It really is the holy grail of fitness. Using these techniques can help you learn how to pack on muscle fast!

The great news is that today is the best time in history to learn how to get an 8 pack. The most ripped bodybuilders in the world have done all the hard work so you don't have to; they have found the exercises that work.

After extensively studying the best way to get a 8 pack we found there are 2 key components that must be followed. Do you want to know what these are? Read on to get your 8 pack!

How To Get A 8 Pack: Core Exercises

Without a doubt the exercises below will put you on the path to getting a 8 pack quicker than any other exercises:


The good old fashioned crunch is often overlooked as having no benefit. This is a HUGE mistake as the crunch is the definitive exercise that the most ripped men in the world use. Through trial and error we found that the traditional crunch is the best overall ab defining exercise on the planet.

Dip Bar Knee Ups

Closely following crunches is the parallel bar dip knee ups. This exercise is performed on a dip bar where you hold yourself up and bring your knees up to your chest. Hold for 2 seconds. You will feel a burn! Now bring your legs back down to starting position. This is 1 rep. Do another 9.

Leg Raises

These are also a fantastic exercise and are performed on a chin up bar. When you are hanging from the chinning bar bring your legs up into the air and hold for 2 seconds. This one really gives you a deep burn!

How To Get A 8 Pack: Covert Nutrition

Exercises like those found above are fantastic for building strength in your abdominal muscles. However, in order to know how to get a 8 pack you need to know how to eat for an 8 pack. The exercises are the hard work that helps you build the muscles but it's the diet that determines how much of your hard work you will see!

In order to get ripped as quickly as possible it is vital that you eat fewer calories than you are burning. The only proven way to lose fat is to burn more calories than you are eating


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