Wednesday, January 26

How To Pick The Right Gaming Platform

Another year has passed and Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all continue their slow, steady battles for gaming and entertainment domination and this year, the big news is motion-controlled gaming but while Nintendo has been doing it for years with its Wii, both Sony and Microsoft with its upcoming xbox 360 kinect have released add-ons for their consoles that let you forgo traditional game controllers and use your body's motion to control the games you play. Below we'll take a look at the big three consoles.

If you don't already have a Blu-ray player or want a system with lots of non-gaming entertainment features, the Playstation 3 is your best choice. Buying this platform can save a family the expense of having to buy other entertainment equipment and might save money over the long run.

While the PlayStation 3 floundered a bit in its early days, it now has a large library of game titles available. If a game is available for one console it is most likely available for all of them as there are only a handful of games that are made for specific systems. There has been a trend for game manufacturers to remake classic arcade games for the new platforms that are much higher in quality.

Sony has also developed a motion control system similar to Nintendos. Like the Nintendo version a person's movement is followed with the combination of a hand control and a sensor bar. Many people have said that they find the action that Sony provides to be more realistic than other older systems.

While it lacks Blu-ray Disc playback and Hulu Plus, Microsoft's console is just as formidable a gaming platform and almost as handy an entertainment system as the PS3 and the kinect also features Netflix, and is a handy DVD player if you're not quite ready to bump up to high-definition optical media. The Xbox 360 has tons of titles in its library, plus an excellent crop of system exclusives.

Microsoft has come up with a different system for the motion control. Hand controllers are required for the Wii or the Move. Microsoft does not need the hand held control. It measures where you are in the room, maps out your movements, and lets you dance, fight, jump, and run without touching a single piece of plastic but like the Playstation Move, Kinect, and due to the fact the xbox 360 kinect release date has just passed, it doesn't have many titles out now, but the radical new control scheme is just begging for creative developers come up with innovative titles.

The Wii has the advantage of being the first of the new platforms on the market, but the other manufacturers have been able to come out with a new design that will threaten the dominance of the Wii platform. Sony and Microsoft are counting on their new innovations to put that at the top of this gaming market. The Nintendo system does not have the graphic capabilities that the other two have. The Wii game library remains impressive despite this.

The Wii pioneered motion control in 2006. Many people were amazed by the new system. Microsoft and Sony have put up formidable challengers to Nintendo.

Choosing the right platform is up to the individual. Understanding how the games work will be very helpful when making a decision. Find the one that fits with the way you like to play games. You will be ready to buy after you have done your homework. In the end, you will get enjoyment out of any of them. There really is no wrong choice.


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